Cake Challenge

True story: I worked at a pizza restaurant in college, and used to shape the dough into little faces of customers. We'd run the tiny people through the oven and watch them grow HUGE as the dough baked. Finally, THAT skill is going to come in handy.

Three questions:
1. Could I really make a milk-free, egg-free, nut-free cake that looks (kinda) professional, like THIS?
2. Using a vegan fondant recipe, like THIS?
3. And a vegan cupcake/cake recipe, like THIS?

Why do parents with food allergic kids focus on the desserts? It's the biggest of the celebration dinner where a child feels left out. Imagine Thanksgiving:

Me: You can't have these peas, they are made with butter.
Kids: OK.
Me: You need to eat the mashed potatoes we brought from home.
Kids: OK.
Me: You have to skip the traditional incredible-delicious-pie-with-whipped-cream-on-top.

That's how I imagine the holidays if I cannot make a professional dessert complete with fondant flowers, fall leaves and miniature icing bugs. That gorgeous fall wedding cake (link above) didn't have icing bugs, I'm sure... but OH, ours will.