Love them, most important

Originally posted on my other blog on October 22, 2010, with a recent shout out on Mediband's website, here. This is not an ad. This is just a thing we found that helps us.

I just bought these Food Allergy Alert bracelets from Mediband, and I love them for a many reasons:

1. My son loves wearing them. He's proud. It's wonderful to see him confident about his allergy, instead of scared.
2. They weren't expensive, and they seem like they'll last a while.
3. They list his specific allergies ~ which we read together each time he puts them on. It's helping him learn to read THOSE words, and reminding him daily. 4. I ordered about 8, and put two on the doorknobs going out of my house. This is great because we remember to wear the bracelets ~ AND the bracelets remind me to bring the EpiPen.

It's not on my list that other people will see the bracelets, like friends or teachers, because I think it's more important (for us, right now) that HE'S keenly aware and able to communicate his allergies. If other people get the message, great. But, most important, I'm educating him.