Hide & Seek w/ Safe Candy

GOAL : A role playing game to encourage young children to bring you the enticing candy they "find".

MATERIALS: "Safe" Candy, Aluminum Foil
Note: "Safe" candy varies depending on allergen. Always research treats for your child. Pay close attention to "May contain" warnings on labels. Be prepared for reactions when trying new things. For us, safe candy includes "Enjoy Life" chocolate, PEZ and Divvies.

1. Wrap three pieces of allergy safe candy in aluminum foil (or other unmarked decorative wrapping).

2. Hide the pieces "in plain sight" in one room while your child waits in another room.

3. Ask your child to go into the room, find the candy and bring each piece to you (without eating it!). Explain that you have to check every piece of candy they find to make sure it's safe for them.

4. Cheer madly every time they bring you a piece of candy. Remind them of their specific allergens, for example: "You are allergic to nuts. Some candy has nuts as an ingredient. I have to check all the candy you eat to make sure it's safe for you. If you eat candy with nuts, you will have to go to the hospital."

5. After the child has found all the pieces, let them eat one. Explain "You found one piece of SAFE candy this time!".

6. Use the remaining pieces to play again until the candy is gone.