Wanna Trade?

Recently I got an ironic (and too common) "Awww, poor kid." response from a well meaning person when I pulled out my son's packed lunch. Meanwhile, their kid was having 12oz of orange soda, chips dripping with nacho "cheese" and Dippin Dots.

It's not that bad... Is it?

With or without the food allergies, companies like Easy Lunch Boxes offer containers and creative ideas for an easy, fast and safe "alternative" meal on the go for the whole family.

And by the way, it saves money. That other kids lunch was $12, and I guarantee they're hungry and grumpy when that sugar/carb buzz wears off.

Their super lunch idea gallery: http://bit.ly/fJgnDv inspired this food allergy cartoon. There's not ONE picture of cardboard nachos, fake cheese and freeze dried ice cream.