Link List

Whaaat? Another day without cartoons, but in the meantime, these links struck a chord with me this week. I can't promise they're all funny, but I'm glad I read them.

A story of a First Ever Food Allergy Reaction that I could have written, but didn't, and I'm glad Sarcelay did:

Fat Free Ginger Melon Pops by Mollee Sullivan:

A thoughtful post by Alex Iwashyna about Sexting that I read with my husband:

A GREAT post by Thanita Glancey called Ten Things I Wished I Asked the Allergist Upon Diagnosis:

Download Food Allergy Guidelines for Parents from FAAAN:

Clear and helpful tips to avoid food allergens from Food Allergy Mom Doc:

A list of Household Tips from Becky McNeer that I wish I could memorize:

A cute idea for Teacher Gifts (or any gifts) that I would love to try:

Food Allergy Fun flashback ~ Cheating Candyland (How to win in 5 minutes after playing for hours):

Also, I highly recommend Busch Gardens on a Tuesday night, with no lines and lots of courage:

What did I miss? Share a link in the comments.