Meet the Food Allergy Mom Army

I want to introduce you to the Food Allergy Mom Army, over a dozen tweeting Moms with food allergies in their families.

Day after day, they share resources, heartaches, alerts, discoveries and virtual cups of coffee (and wine!)~ to help each other and fuel a network of support that spans the country.

I read their updates to glean their knowledge, and to see what lies ahead. Some days are great, and some days surprise us. Hearing their good news and the bad reminds me to be prepared and grateful for each day.

If you don't have a Twitter Account, you can find food allergy "tweets" by searching Twitter for #foodallergy (one word, with the number sign, called a hashtag.)

But Moms, if you have food allergies in your family, I highly recommend starting a Twitter account and "following" these savvy Food Allergy Moms.