Wednesday Treats

Ta-da! An allergen friendly frozen treat I didn't know existed until this week:

How surprised am I when I find something we CAN have in the grocery store?

I wrote the store an email... something like,


Dear Grocery Store,

Thank you for actually carrying a product we can have! And stocking it in the normal food section!! When my kids see the aisle of 1000 ice cream varieties, I usually explain we can't have ANY ~ but suddenly, I saw it (practically glowing from the shelf). It was a colorful box of totally non-healthy, deliciousness labeled "Nut-free facility". Yay!!

We'll be back,

Happy Mom/Grocery Store Lover


Have you tried PhillySwirl? Here's a link to the company's website. Looks like they're everywhere (why wasn't I in the loop until now??).

This isn't an ad, just a happy mom :)