Surviving Our Mistakes

I'm devastated by TWO stories this week of young people dying from allergic reactions, without their emergency medicine - a Kennesaw State University student who ate in a dining hall and a Fifteen-year-old who took one bite of a sample cookie in a Walmart.

I hope more than ever, we'll soon have an easier way to carry epinephrine or a cure.

With young children, whose parents have witnessed a reaction, we rarely leave the house without our emergency "pack". But what about teens? Young adults? Adults? I'm not always going to be there ~ following my kids with their medicine. (Wouldn't that be embarrassing on the first day of college? But, don't think I haven't thought about it...)

My heart breaks for the families that lost their children this week. I'm saving their stories, tucked away in a package for my future young adults to help prepare them for life after mom. I hope their stories will save countless others. But, It shouldn't have to happen like this.