Food Allergy Cartoon - Copy or Coincidence?

Did someone draw this carton by coincidence?

Or did they copy this cartoon I posted in June 2011 (it had nearly 2,000 views last month)?
Here's what I think:

Every food allergy mom hears "When I was your age, we didn't have food allergies."- probably a million times before their child starts school. It's common. Our polite responses are similar, and our hope is unanimous - that one day we will talk about it in past tense.

We're on the same team.

Every cartoon on this site is available to share and circulate with support groups. You are welcome to pin it, post it on Facebook, put in on your blog, print it on your newsletter. I welcome and encourage it. My cartoons are currently published (and translated) by support groups around the world in Canada, Australia and Spain. By the way, did you know "Nuts" in French won't translate to mean "Crazy"? That means even their language is not cross contaminated.

Seriously awesome - Food Allergy Fun Cartoons in Spain?!
When someone tells me other countries don't have food allergies - I can say,
"OH YEAH? Then why do I know how to say 'No hablar de alergias limentarias?"

I try to post new cartoons every week - I have a sketchbook overflowing with yet-to-be-published cartoons. Sometimes, food allergy life is more demanding, and I miss a week, or two. Hey, I'm a working mom with two young children, just like many of my fans - so I hope they understand. The best is yet to come.

I draw these cartoons because I enjoy it. It's one way I deal with filtering food allergy anxiety, and keeping my own attitude positive. Also, I hear from tons of people that these cartoons make them laugh, and they relate to the things I draw - and I'm encouraged that a little art can help in a small way.

I mean, when Kyle Dine pinned this cartoon - I was over-the-moon delighted.
I stop worrying about how my kids are going overcome food allergy limitations when
I think of someone truly amazing like that (and not that grouchy other mother from my kid's class).

Here's the deal - You're welcome to contact me for special requests. I have a few projects in the works, but if you have an idea, a question or a comment - send me an email: or find me on twitter @iknowtiffany (So I can reply with one hand tied behind my back)