Unexpected Fun - Princess and the Frog Cookbook

I wouldn't seek out a children's cookbook inspired by a Disney movie we hadn't seen - escpecially a cookbook full of recipes "we can't use". But then we found the "Princess and the Frog Cookbook" at the library, and we took it home because it had a princess and a frog on the cover (and getting out of the library quietly is goal #1 with my littlest princess).
Reading books at bedtime: 
Them: What's that? It looks good!
Me: French Toast, made with bread, butter, eggs... (reading indredients)
Them: What kind of butter?
Me: Most of the time butter means milk, but we could use our kind.
Them: What about the eggs?
Me: Maybe we could try applesauce? or olive oil? I don't know?
Me: It's 8:00 at night - lets make it tomorrow.... Zzzzzzzzzzzz
And we did. And it was really good.

So now we're trying "Tiana's recipes", altered and experiemental.  This unexpected book is helping us talk about substituting safe ingredients for allergens. The big pictures of food (for every recipe) also create a great visual aide for explaining hidden ingredients. (Well, It looks good, but...)

So thank you library. Thanks Tiana. Thank you kids for inspiring questions.

"You know the thing about good food?  It brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up and it puts smiles on their faces." - Princess and the Frog