Book Release - The Food Allergy Experience

The Food Allergy Experience

Real voices. Real disease. Real insights.

Authored by Dr. Ruchi S Gupta MD MPH

Authored with Denise Bunning

Illustrated by Tiffany Glass Ferreira

I didn't expect my kids to have allergies. 
I didn't expect people to have issues with allergies. 
Mean, selfish people who say things about children they've never met.
So, I drew cartoons for comic relief.  Because I still suck at cooking.

When I shared the cartoons online, I didn't expect other people to like them. But you did!
I didn't expect a doctor to invite me to publish them in a book. Shocked, actually.

Dr. Gupta was kind and patient, supportive and encouraging - I imagine her patients already know this, and her readers will agree.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to make someone smile (or laugh out loud), while they navigate this genuine food allergy resource.

 Five years ago, I couldn't find a book like this. You can find Dr. Gupta's book on CreateSpace and Amazon.